Coaxial products


Thirty years of experience with coaxial broadband networks and a comprehensive product portfolio make DKTCOMEGA a strong partner for broadband operators. The solid experience within the field is reflected in the products, these being characterized by high quality, top performance and easy installation. The product line is broad, featuring everything required from the wall outlet to the head-end. 



All DKTCOMEGA's products comply with RoHS and WEEE directives. For more information visit:


DKTCOMEGA follow the recommendations by CENELEC for more information visit:

Optical products


DKTCOMEGA’s product range covers a wide range of passive and active products, including an advanced line of FTTx nodes. The products are characterized by top performance, ease of use and consistent high quality. Their quality and performance have been proven in large scale FTTH deployments throughout Scandinavia. DKTCOMEGA’s unique fibre optic product

line, combined with the company’s extensive experience, makes it a strong FTTx partner.
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