With a passion for Broadband since 1977 we are combining engineering and technical expertise with practical product solutions to set new standards in the industry. With focus on the 3 product categories below we want to make a difference and together with operators increase living standards in Europe via improved Broadband connections. Welcome to the DKT homepage!

Coaxial networks

A complete line of products for the passive distribution network with focus on network performance, network economy and end-user satisfaction, DOCSIS 3.1 optimized.

Distribution passives Trunk passives Isolators & inline products Cables & other

Home networks

The In-Home network is critical for the general performance of the broadband network. The products in this category will solve problems in the home using the existing coaxial infrastructure.

Coaxial IP distribution

FTTH networks

Gateways with focus on discrete & smart design, durability and simplicity (Point-to-Point) and RF/TV overlay (EDFAs and splitters).

RF/TV passives RF/TV actives Fiber termination


In home

Selecting the right in-home amplifier for your customer

In this whitepaper the most critical characteristics for the in-home amplifier are discussed, and guidelines are given for the right selection. DKT also presents a modular solution for the f...

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Docsis 3.1 Naturally!

Saving the DOCSIS 3.1 Network from Passive Intermodulation

Passive intermodulation degrades the performance in every CATV network, and can be more critical for DCOSIS 3.1 networks. So how to preserve the signal quality? Take your time and read th...

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